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Maas dx5000 uusi paranneltu versio tulossa

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Maas dx5000 uusi paranneltu versio tulossa

Viesti kirjoittaja Admin lähetetty Pe 13 Toukokuu 2011 - 19:28

Uuteen paranneltuun versioon tulossa hyviä muutoksia.

As you all know the new radio comes in the next weeks and well oh well oh well my contacts have proved me correct in the assumption that Kucha Hans and myself has something to do with the development of the new DX5000. The facts are this at the moment as we know them:

A Hans Radio "somehow made its way to China" so wonder how that happened and from where?

And add to this a total re-work with some new features and functions...

HERE IS THE NEWS, as of 10.05.2011

And if read it elsewhere it came from me first....

TES & TNS are deleted from the menu. No more talkback with echo and talk back with no echo


ICG: This is a variable mike gain feature which has settings from 0-64 Factory default is 31
The higher the level the more sensitive the mike is

NOG: TX Monitor Function. The higher the level the louder the sound. Default ex Factory is 15 and is variable from 0-64


A. SSB power adjusted by power knob, between 10W -33W.

B. Improve AGC (SSB receive), voice will no distortion in short distance communication..

C. New AM modulation tube to get better /higher modulation

D. Improve ALC to get better TX sound.

E. Improve RX sound, to get higher and clearer sound

F. Increase delay time of ECHO, to get better echo effect.

Also new revision programming software for the radio also seems on the ca


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